Monday, October 19, 2009

Kunwarnarayan's Poem

Kunwar Narayan is the senior most contemporary Hindi poet.He has been awarded with India's most prestigious literary award Gyanpeeth this year. Here is a poem written by him along with its translation into English.The translation is done by young English poet Dr. Shaleen Kumar Singh.

क्या फिर वही होगा
जिसका हमें डर है ?
क्या वह नहीं होगा
जिसकी हमें आशा थी?
क्या हम उसी तरह बिकते रहेंगे
बाजारों में
अपनी मूर्खताओं के गुलाम?
क्या वे खरीद ले जायेंगे
हमारे बच्चों को दूर देशों में
अपना भविष्य बनवाने के लिए ?
क्या वे फिर हमसे उसी तरह
लूट ले जायेंगे... हमारा सोना
हमें दिखाकर कांच के चमकते टुकडे?
और हम क्या इसी तरह
उन्हें गर्व से दिखाते रहेंगे
अपनी प्राचीनताओं के खण्डहर
अपने मंदिर मस्जिद गुरुद्वारे?
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English Translation :

Shall it happen again
What we fear?
Shall it not happen
What we expected?
Shall we be sold again like always
In the Markets
A slave of our own follies?
Will they buy and carry our children
To foreign lands
To make their own future
Will they again grab us like always,
Rob us... Our gold
Luring us by the glittering pieces of glass
And do we like this
Generation after generation
Proudly show them
The ruins of our ancestry
Our temples, Mosques, Gudwaras?
( Original poem in Hindi by Kunwarnarayan,English translation by Dr. Shaleen Kumar Singh )


Priyankar said...

कुंवर नारायण जी की बेहतरीन कविता और शालीन द्वारा उसका बहुत अच्छा अंग्रेज़ी अनुवाद .

Sachin Ketkar said...

I dont think I like political speeh ( bhaashan) masquerading as poetry. Nor I agree with equating MNC globalization as simply a repetition of colonialism. I feel it is simply paranoid and xenophobic. I dont think we can afford this kind of paranoid/xenophobic outlook in 21st century.

Sunil Sharma said...

Translating Kunwar is difficult. Shaleen, bilingual poet-critic-did a good job of it. He recreated the simplicity and purity of Kunwar in English. A great literary service to two languages. More of Kunwar?
Sunil Sharma

Destination Infinity said...

Nice theme for a blog, I too think the MNC's are here for the very purpose described in your post (poem). It is a very thoughtful poem, and everyone ought to think about the questions raised there... The British left long back, but now the common man is being ruled by a variety of nations in the name of MNC's.

Destination Infinity

Dr Shaleen Kumar Singh said...

Sachin, I feel the poem is against our parched feelings and declining emotions that are the direct consequences of consumerist culture which is uprising in today's world to which you term as the 'repetition of colonialism' but we can can give no other significant reason to this malady. After all poets will have to muse over it otherwise it will be the sole property of So called leaders only... Well thanks for your opinion.