Monday, November 29, 2010

Only a total transformation can save the nation : Sunil , Vice President , Samajwadi Janaparishad

Press Statement

Only a total transformation can save the nation

Indian nation, while completing 10 years in the 21st century, is undergoing through many crises. It is marked with growing degeneration of politics, corruption reaching unprecedented heights, growing disparity, food crisis, growing unemployment, continuing large scale suicides of farmers and weavers, growing conflicts over natural resources (land, water, forest, minerals, fish, etc.), persisting and growing communal and ethnic conflicts, social tensions and the problems of terrorism and extremism. It is strange and tragic that in spite of a total failure in addressing and coping with these crises, the Indian rulers are boasting of becoming a superpower.

The roots of this decay, degeneration and crises are basically to be found in the departure and divergence from the ideals, policies and goals of the independence movement by the rulers of Independent India. Another point of departure came in 1991 when they further drifted away in the name of economic reforms and globalization.

The unprecedented growth in the volume and number of scams involving corruption, for example, is as much related to the policies of privatization, liberalization and deregulation as it is to the growing commercialization and monetization of Indian politics. Scandals and scams linked to Commonwealth games, Adarsh Housing Society in Mumbai, allocation of 2G telecom spectrum, allocation of land in Karnataka, etc. are only tip of the iceberg. The loot has been growing at all levels, as common Indians have been witnessing helplessly. It is an ugly face of unregulated and uncontrolled corporate capitalism. Growing hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, suicides, incidence of diseases etc are another face of it. Only an alternative socialist system with an alternative development model can save this nation. Samajwadi Jan Parishad calls for a democratic people’s movement for a total transformation of Indian society, polity and economy.

The problem of growing communal and ethnic tensions and intolerance can also be resolved only in such an alternative set-up. A respect for and recognition of diversity of language, culture and religious beliefs, an alternative development paradigm, and a decentralized governance system will be essential ingredients of this alternative system. The problems of Kashmir, North-East and Maoist violence have been aggravated by the use of military force, repressionary measures and misuse of power by central government. We also can not afford to ignore the fact that there can not be any military solution of the problems which are essentially political and systemic.

Recently, the historical fast by Ms. Irom Sharmila of Manipur has completed 10 years protesting against the repression and violation of human rights. It is a shame for our democracy. A nation of Gandhi does not have any concern and respect for Satayagraha and democratic means of protest. It is no surprise that people’s frustration is leading to violence and armed conflicts. It calls for an urgent need of democratic reforms. Plagued with high centralization of powers, huge gape between the people and the centres of power and growing use of money and muscle in politics, the current democratic set-up is unable to deliver the results. A radical decentralization, creation of direct democracy and other democratic reforms are the need of the hour.

Only with such radical transformation, we can build a new India, which will be able to fulfill the basic needs and aspirations of its people and solve the various crises. Only then it can again rise to the status of a global leader and guide (and not the superpower).

National Vice-President
Samajwadi Jan Parishad

November 26 , 2010.
Kannur ,Keralam.

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