Saturday, May 21, 2011

Niyamgiri : A First-hand Report by Miriam Rose

Dear all,

The attached report (and lots of photos!) directly relates four important events at the longstanding Niyamgiri hills battle between tribal inhabitants and a bauxite mining company (Vedanta). On 16th May a red mud spill polluted a local village, while the next day a five day long protest walk was finished withy a meeting of 500 people, two blockades of landless people displaced by the alumina refinery took place, and a movement leader's funeral was held. He died of illnesses caused by the factory's emissions.

Please post this anywhere you can. It is breaking news, uncovered in the UK as far as I know, (though it was covered in Wall Street Journal USA) and very important in the run up to Vedanta's 2011 AGM- the first AGM since they lost permission for the bauxite mine at Niyamgiri, and the incredibly arrogant pursuit of a 1000 acre corporate university in Puri. The company is in its demise and now is the time to strike it hard.

I hope this is of interest. It was a huge honour for me to visit there finally, and more beautiful than I ever imagined. So much is at stake.

Having a very inspiring time here.

Hot and sweaty greetings from India...

xx Miriam

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