Saturday, August 24, 2013

Victory of Niyamgiri is a victory if people's struggle and determination over corporate Raj

      All the 12 Gram Sabhas in Kalahandi and Raygada districts of Odisha have voted unanimously against the bauxite mining project of Vedanta company. Dongaria Konds,  the most vulnerable tribe living in this area has given a blow to the corporate imperialism. It will give a new strength to innumerable struggles of local communities that are going on everywhere. 
     The Gram Sabhas were held as per the instructions of Supreme Court. There were apprehensions that the company and the Odisha govarnment will use all the means to get the mandate in their favour. But their designs were foiled by the  determination of the local people. It is perhaps for the first time that such a referendum was held in a free and fair manner about a destructive project in a remote area. 
     (One such referendum was held close to Mumbai in Pen taluka of Rayagad district of Maharashtra two years ago about a SEZ project of Reliance company. In that also, the farmers voted against the project.) 
      The most active person in the struggle of Niyamgiri is Lingaraj Azad, national Secretary of Samajvadi Jan Parishad. Another Lingaraj, National Vice-President of SJP and Samarendra Das, ex-member of national executive of SJP, and many other members of  SJP , along with others, also played an active role in it. 
     We  request all the units of SJP to issue press statements, pamphlets, organise meetings on this historical victory highlighting the role played by the SJP. 

--Joshy Jacob, National President, SJP 
Sunil, National Gen. Secretary, SJP 

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